Lisa + Rob -- Waretown, NJ
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Tuesday, October 01, 2019
By Barbara Wentzel Photography
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Hainesport is a small NJ town that most people have no idea exists. I know this because, I must clarify with "near Mt Laurel" or "between Mt Holly and Cherry Hill" to well, everyone, including people who have lived in NJ all their lives. It is small enough to have a K - 8 school, which is where I met Lisa. Her big brother Mike was in my class of 30ish people and we spent ages 5 - 13 learning and growing together. Although that was "several" years ago,  Lisa, Mike, and Brian are the kind of people who go out of their way to make everyone feel like family. So you can imaging how excited I was to be asked to photograph Lisa's big day!

Turns out she's a cop now, and I am a little awed, as I can only imagine that's one of the more difficult jobs to have. That and being a mom. Here's some other fun facts; in the last year, she and Rob planned a wedding, bought a house, moved, and had a baby. So Lisa's a tough, multi-tasking, cross-fitted, mom!

Rob so obviously loves Lisa, you can see it from space. (Okay, I exaggerate here but it's close!) Other people he loves; Briana and Ryan, his beautiful daughters. Briana ADORES her dad, she spent every minute possible with him, including on the dance floor. I'm sure Ryan will too but she's a little young for dancing as of yet. She was an excellent sleeper for most of the day though! 

Arriving at the beautiful Greenbriar Oceanaire, with hair and makeup done fabulously, the ladies had some time to relax, have a snack and get the four flower girls ready. Who, by the way, were adorable, (you'll see!) Their dresses had this cute heart cutout in the back and flowers in their hair. Ryan was extra special as she had unicorn booties for her little, teeny, tiny baby feet. After the bridesmaids were ready, Lisa's mom and sister-in-law helped her into her dress. A couple of bridal portraits later and we were first look ready!

We walked out to the bridge on the golf course with Rob, who was looking very dashing in his suit, and waited patiently for Lisa to arrive. It didn't take long. Hopefully, Lynda and I faded into the background like ninjas as Lisa and Rob had a few minutes to themselves. It's always such a special moment. They were SO HAPPY to see each other. We hung out on the course for more pictures, which both was beautiful and seemed appropriate as Lisa and Rob are both golfers. No stepping on the greens on this day though! (Heels put holes in them and apparently that's bad for golf. And the groundskeepers.)

The cloud cover was menacing at times but the rain held off all day. Lisa, fighting back tears, and her very proud father walked down the aisle to a beaming Rob. I do's said and rings exchanged, the outdoor ceremony was over in a blink. Rob and Lisa were MR. and MRS.! 

Husband and wife high-fived and cheered their way into the reception to the delight of family and friends who were ready to party! Lisa and Rob couldn't take their eyes off each other during the first dance. I love to take dancing pictures, there's such a great energy, the love that shows while slow dancing or joy that comes through when people are moving and grooving. Towards the end, the cake was cut. I'm not sure who the bigger fan is ( I heard Rob say Lisa yells more at the TV )so an Eagles wedding cake was totally them and the perfect dessert.

Lisa, Rob, Briana and Ryan thank you so much for letting me be a part of such an important event! It was a pleasure and an honor.


E -  A - G -  L -  E -  S !!!



Venue: Greenbriar Oceanaire Country Club, Waretown, NJ

Caterer: Touch of Elegance, Waretown, NJ

Flowers: Black Eyed Susans, Barnegat, NJ

DJ: East Star Productions, Barnegat, NJ

Cake: Big Apple Bakery, Manahawkin, NJ

Second Photographer: Lynda Bailey

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