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Saturday, October 24, 2020
By Barbara Wentzel Photography
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Melanie looked just like I remembered her. She is my youngest sister’s friend and has been since grade school but I haven’t seen her since probably her junior prom, when I photographed Bria and her friends before the party. The chance to be a part of Melanie’s wedding was something I was super excited for! 

Watching her walk down the street with Scott to begin our pictures was the best. You could tell they were a couple. Not just because of the beautiful lace dress and the handsome blue suit but because of the way they walked and talked together. Like a radiant team of two ready to take on whatever 2020 threw at them. Including the rain that had been happening all day. Good news, the rain tapered off just as we were beginning pictures! 

( Did you know that having an overcast sky is not a bad thing in photography? It creates a giant softbox in the sky and nice soft light. In fact, unless you are photographing at golden hour, it is often preferable to sunny skies. )

Scott, turns out, grew up one town over in Mt Laurel. He met Mel at a bar in Philly. Funny how small the world is sometimes. He’s got a great smile, a close family, a fabulous sense of humor, and is totes into Melanie. I only just met him but he’s good people, you can tell. 

The Shambles is an historic open air street market in Philly’s Headhouse Square. Iconically incorporating some of the history of the city they live in and love, this is where Mel and Scott said their vows. Surrounded by immediate family, Mel’s dad walked her down the aisle to Scott. Officiating was Scott’s parents next door neighbor. In a beautiful and intimate ceremony, they exchanged rings and promises. Officially married!

After some family pictures, we headed over to The Twisted Tail. And here I’d like to give a big thumbs up to them. The original plan was a bigger wedding at a different venue with lots of dancing and friends but … 2020 happened. So things changed a bit. The Twisted Tail was supposed to be the location of the rehearsal dinner, it was special to Mel and Scott, they really like it there. When Twisted Tail heard that the original plan was not going to work out, they really went out of their way to make this wedding as special as they could. 

Scotts’ nephew was the emcee and introduced the new husband and wife into the room and their first dance. Parent dances were next and then everyone said a toast. It was perfect!

Congratulations Mel and Scott! Thank you for letting me be a part of your celebration!



Hair / Makeup : Moxie Blue Salon 

Venue : The Twisted Tail

Cake / Cookies : Night Kitchen Bakery


Soooo, look what I found! Junior prom! LOL This is medium format film. I was 22, 23 when I took this?? (Don't do any math!)

Wednesday, June 24, 2020
By Barbara Wentzel Photography
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2020 has been difficult for many people and many reasons but on June 20th in Watchung, NJ you wouldn't know know it. Here there was a celebration! Of love, of family, of close friends, all the important things in life. An intimate Catholic ceremony at Devon's high school was always part of the plan, the larger guest list and party just had to be scooched a bit down the calendar. They will have two chances to celebrate! This one, was a joy for me and obviously for them.

Devon, with her father, walked down the aisle to Rob with her best friend ( from the age of 5! ) singing "Only Fools Rush In." At the end of the aisle, there were HUGE smiles, on Rob's face, on Devon's face, on her Dad, even the Monsignor looked overjoyed. As it was a family affair, both of the sisters had readings and after the homily Devon and Rob exchanged rings and vows. The huge smiles came back again as everyone clapped them back down the aisle and outside as a married couple!

The first thing we did was a group photo of everyone. ( Which I always like to do at an intimate affair. Pictures of your people are important! ) With much joking and making sure everyone looked their best, we proceeded with pictures outside the chapel. Once we finished Devon, Rob and I headed over to Ninety Acres. Which was a nice drive because it was pretty hot and the air conditioning was a blessing.

Now it was just the three of us. Have you ever met a couple and think to yourself, "Wow, they really go well together!"? Well that's Devon and Rob. They met a mutual friends party and Devon agreed to go to a Springsteen concert, thinking it was a joke. Well, Rob bought the tickets for real and they've been together ever since. Ha! 

Devon, Rob, you are warm, friendly, funny, and amazing people, it was an honor to be included and I can't wait to see you again in November to do some more celebrating!



Hair and Makeup : Beauty and the Blush

Florist : Cassandra Shah Flowers & Events, Red Bank, NJ

Sign & Menu : The Jess Press, Middletown, NJ

Chapel : Mount St Mary Academy High School, Watchung, NJ

Dinner : Ninety Acres, Peapack and Gladstone, NJ



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