Sami + Jared -- Homdel, NJ
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Monday, October 26, 2020
By Barbara Wentzel Photography
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Have you ever been driving to a wedding and you have the most horrible feeling that you’ve forgotten something? You keep racking your brain going, “What is it? What could it possibly be? The door’s locked. The oven’s off. I have all the stuff I need. Right? “ Panic starts creeping in, you start sweating, your heart is racing. “WHAT IS IT?!” you think. Well for me, it’s usually just a waking nightmare and I haven’t forgotten anything important. ( But I have pulled over on the turnpike to make sure my camera is there before. ) For Jared though, it was for real. He forgot his suit! I can only imagine what that felt like. Sami and Jared handled it well though, nothing could bring these two down! Jared’s parents were still in the vicinity of the suit and picked it up for them. So with just a little hiccup this family affair could get underway.

After getting dressed and some family photos, Sami and Jared were ready to get married. On top of being at Sami’s childhood home, everyone had something to contribute. Sami’s mom, Susan,  officitated. Jared’s mom, Ellen, did the reading. Presley, the ringbearer, was a star! Presley is Sami and Jared’s dog and he carried the rings faithfully down the stairs and then to his mom who he obviously loves above all others. ( Sorry, Jared! ) Surrounded by family, these two tied the knot and sealed it with a kiss. 

While lunch began, Sami, Jared and I went to take some portraits. You know when you see two people together and they are totally relaxed with each other, as if they fit together? Well that’s Sami and Jared. When it was time, Susan made a very nice toast to the happy couple.  For dessert the cake was brought out and make sure you check out the cake topper, they got engaged on a ski trip. Sami and Brian made the cake! ( Turns out Sami is an excellent baker and food photographer! Go follow her on instagram @samihomemaker )  What a perfect ending to a gorgeous day. 

Sami and Jared thank you so much for including me in your celebration. You are a lovely couple and made me feel like a long time friend. Please give Presley an extra cuddle from me! 


Florals : Craig Kiely Designs 

Dress : bhldn

Hair and makeup : Jillyan Scarpa Skin Bar & Paint

Food : Zabar’s

Party Rentals : Paul David Partywares

Cake : Sami and Brian!!


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