Kelly + Steve -- Basking Ridge, NJ
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Friday, December 21, 2018
By Barbara Wentzel Photography
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Here's the story, of a woman named Kelly, who was bringing up two very lovely girls. Okay so it's not exactly the Brady Bunch, as Kelly only has two daughters and Steve only has two sons but it's close. So close that someone was singing the theme song when Lynda and I arrived at the Grain House. I didn't catch who it was but it made me smile. There was lots of smiling this day, you've never seen kids so happy for their parents and the families seem to fit so perfectly together. After hair and makeup were done, Kelly got into her dress. It was a three generation event as her mom and her daughters, Erin and Jaime were the ones who helped her with the dress, shoes and jewelry. Many of the details of the day revolved around family, from a borrowed handkerchief to the barrette Kelly wore.

First look was in the courtyard of the Olde Mill Inn (thanks to David for helping us work this out!) where I met Steve for the first time. I was warned that he didn't smile. Well once he saw Kelly, that was so untrue! And it lasted the whole day, every time he set eyes on Kelly, bam, smile. We started with portraits of the two of them and were joined in the courtyard by the entire bridal party. Based on the laughter and grins I'd say everyone had a great, if slightly chilly, time. Turns out Kelly's brothers are pretty funny and kept things light and relaxed all the way through family portraits. 

Papa is a special guy, I know him as Mr. Nann. He was the landlord for my friend Kris Rupp Photography (who referred Kelly to me, thank you Kris!) and he was always extremely nice. Kelly is his one and only granddaughter. According to the toasts, Kelly is the only girl born into the Nann family in 91 years and you can tell Papa loves her so much. He definitely teared up the first time he got to see her. Checking in on each other several times throughout the day, there were many hugs and moments between the two of them. It was one of the sweetest things I have seen. 

Indoors, witnessed by friends and family, Kelly and Steve got married. Escorted by her father, a smiling Steve met Kelly at the end of the aisle. Vows and rings were exchanged and after a kiss, the newly married couple headed back up the aisle together.

Then it was time to party! The Grain House Ballroom is an intimate place. The dance floor is recessed and next to the table area and what I think is nice is that everyone stands around the dance floor for the first dance. It really makes is a special event that everyone can witness together. After three parent dances, Kelly danced with her dad and stepdad and Steve danced with his mom, everyone made their way back to their tables for toasts. I like good toasts and the bridesmaid and groomsmen did great jobs keeping them short, funny and sweet. Following dinner, there was dancing. That included Kelly dancing with her Papa who made it through an entire song and then some before he had to sit down again! To top off the evening, there was cake. Steve made Kelly feed him first as he wasn't sure she wouldn't smash him with cake. (I had some doubts myself after seeing her mischievous grin.) They both behaved themselves though and there was no need for napkins. A perfect winter wedding!


Photography: Barbara Wentzel + Lynda Bailey

DJ: Nick Cavaleri - Be The Good Entertainment

Venue: The Grain House 


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